Combating Childhood Obesity-One step at a time

8 Aug

I recently learned a nasty lesson about the abundance of “food deserts” — areas that are far from larger stores offering affordable fruits and vegetables. I had no idea that some families had to prepare meals from items gathered at a convenience store. 

I also learned about a small gardening area that a homeless shelter offered residents. It was barely half a block and as many as 12 families had a plot in which to grow their own food. Think about it: half a block, 12 families — an opportunity. In fact, the American Heart Association has launched Teaching Gardens across the country to help combat childhood obesity.

Does your child have access to nutritious food? One in three children is overweight or obese[1]. As an overweight adult who wasn’t an obese child, I have huge concerns for my own children.

We tend to feed our kids what they want instead of what they need. The result is often an obese adult. My husband and I make it a point to offer our kids healthy foods (and I think we’re doing a better job than our parents), but my kids still get way more junk than they should. 

The next piece of the puzzle is exercise. Summers meant going outdoors early and returning only when the dinner call came. I made up my own games, ran, walked and climbed trees. And I’m still an overweight adult. I know my kids need to do more than just play outside. I want them to understand all the pieces they need to stay healthy.

Every family’s approach to nutrition and exercise is different, but the bottom line is that the American Heart Association’s Teaching Gardens are one big step toward a healthier nation.

Guest Blogger: Jerri Ann Reason

Jerri Ann Reason currently works as the Editorial and Community Director for Murphy USA’s blog, The Smarter Driver as well as for Label Daddy.   She was chosen to represent Alabama for Mom Congress by Parenting Magazine in 2011 and was a speaker at the same conference in 2012.

Twitter:  @The_Jerri_Ann                                           

Facebook:  Jerri.Ann.Reason

Her Blog: Mom~E~Centric

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