How Can Community Gardens Change Obesity?

21 Aug
Some shocking food for thought is that one in three American children are overweight or obese. Fewer than one in 10 high school students receive the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables daily. French fries are the most common source of vegetables consumed by children and make up one-fourth of their vegetable intake. So how do we get more children to embrace heathly lifestyles and identify with where their foods come from? Teaching Gardens’
garden-based nutrition intervention program can promote increased fruit and vegetable intake among children.
Teaching Gardens can promote a healthier lifestyles and combat childhood obesity in several ways:
  • When children help grow their own fruits and vegetables, they’re more interested in eating them.
  • Gardening gets kids off the couch and into the outdoors which stimulates physical activity.
  • Students in the community gardening programs will take home plants and care for them at home. This encourages home  gardening and provides knowledge of, and ownership in, tending the plants.


Why We Garden.”


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