Gardening in the Great Indoors

25 Apr

vertical update 2

Who needs warm weather to grow a garden? While mother nature is taking her time sending Spring to our northern states, the students from Green Central Park Elementary in Minneapolis, MN are rolling up their sleeves to plant their American Heart Associaiton Vertical Teaching Garden.

Instead of normal planter boxes that stay outside, the vertical garden grows in the classroom with the help of a growing light. Which makes it perfect for schools that are still waiting for the ground to thaw. Kids still learn about healthy nutrition and get all the fruits and veggies they can eat without having to take a step outside!

Check out  this photo blog from the  budding gardeners at Green Central as they  walk you through their special plant day event!


We got to plant and put signs in that garden at Green Central.”  -Shani

“We were putting our hands in the bucket and somebody else was putting water on.” -Christian

“Se sentía fría en el agua.” -Shirley

“We put our hands in the dirt and we squished the dirt and mixed water.” -Lucia

“Then we planted seeds in a bucket.”  -Periana

“It was fun because we got to plant the seeds.”  -Carla


“We were putting dirt in the cells for the plants.” -Alex

“Plantamos plantas para plantar los vegetales.” -Andrea

“I see ya’ll planting seeds.” -Kemarius

“It was fun playing in the dirt because it was wet and squishy.” -Aquileo

“It was exciting because we put dirt in the boxes.” -Carla

“We had a rectangle with a handle. It was called a tamper.” – Everyone


“The tags are for the plants to know what are the plants.” -Lucia

“It’s like a nametag for the plant.” -Kemarius

“If we didn’t know which seed was planted, we wouldn’t know what was planted. We might not take care of it right.” -Ms. Maggie


“After they put the dirt in the planter then they put the seeds on top.” -Leslie

“We put dirt in them and we smashed the dirt down so it would be smooth for the plants.” -Periana

“We had a lot of fun because we got to be on TV.” -Shani


“I’m making holes for the seeds so we could bury the seeds and they will start going into plants.” -Aquileo

“We used a pencil to do the holes in the dirt.” – Leslie

“We made little holes so the plants can sprout into a beautiful fruit or vegatable.” -Periana

“People are planting because they want to see their beautiful plants. It’s really fun in the Magic Garden.” -Aquileo


“Its finished! We planted beans, radishes and arugula.” -Leslie

“The plants are growing!” -Carla

“The signs are telling which plants are growing.” -Carla

“Nosotros plantamos muchas semillas y cuando crecen vamos a comer los vegetales y las hierbas.” -Alex


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