Top 5 Vegetarian Myths

12 Aug

green cow

So you’ve heard the buzz about Meatless Monday but still haven’t decided if it’s for you. To help you decide whether to eat or not to eat, we’re debunking 5 of the top Meatless Monday myths.

# 1- You don’t get enough protein

While protein is essential, most Americans eat enough meat throughout the week to more than make up for the protein missed in one day. But, if you’ve got to get your protein fix, add more beans, whole grains, and nuts to your Meatless Monday plans. These are heart healthy options that are bursting with protein as well as other essential nutrients.

#2- Meatless food is boring food

Going meatless for a day forces you to think outside the box and eat outside of your comfort zone. Try adding new spices to add some zest to a veggie dish. Or expand your culinary pallet by trying new meatless options like tofu or veggie burgers. By getting out of the meaty monotony you may discover a whole new world of culinary wonders you never knew existed!

#3- It’s difficult to plan a full meal without meat

We’ve done the leg work for you on this one. Check out our recipe page for delicious, heart-healthy vegetarian options!

#4- I’ll starve without my meaty fix

Many people assume that when meat is out of the picture that you’ll naturally eat less (and get hungry often).  However, veggie-goers actually eat more! Because fruits and vegetables are naturally lower in calories than meat, its important to make sure that you eat enough to maintain your energy level throughout the day. So feel free to enjoy some extra snackage in between meals or hit the salad bar for seconds.

#5 Going veggie will cramp my style

Don’t cancel your plans just because you’re going green for the day!  Many restaurants offer gourmet vegetarian options that are filling and delicious. Do your homework and scope out restaurants that provide healthy meatless options. TIP: Download the menu online and decide on your meal selection beforehand. It can be hard to resist meaty temptations if you’re gazing at the non-veggie menu items too long.


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