Fall Garden Checklist

17 Sep

cook garden harvest

Happy Fall Teaching Gardeners! Its harvest time, and we know your kiddos are chomping at the bit to try those garden goodies.  Make sure you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor with these quick tips.

  • Invite us to the party

We want to see your gardeners in action! Remember to invite your local AHA staff to your Harvest day. We’re ready to help you celebrate your success!

  • Brush up on your cooking skills 

Your students are dying to try those fresh fruits and veggies. Make sure you know how to prepare them. Check out Simple Cooking with Heart to find healthy prep methods and ways for your students to lend a hand in the kitchen.

  • Photos and video

Be sure to use the flip camera provided with your Teaching Garden to take pictures and video of your students in action. BONUS POINTS: Upload your best harvest photos to Instagram and use #TGHarvest during the month of October for a chance to be featured on our sites! Click here for contest details.

IMG_0231 (600x800)

  • Jot it down 

Keep your students engaged with the garden in the classroom with the Teaching Gardens Journal. Write about the changing seasons, which veggies they enjoyed the most, or what they would do different next season!

  • Be Generous

If you harvest more than you can eat, consider donating your surplus crop to a local food back. Its a great way to reach out to your community and show students the value of giving back. Not sure where to donate? Use this tool to find food banks in your area.

  • Survey Time! 

We want to see your growth, but we need data measure it.
For schools new to the Teaching Gardens program, make sure that you have filled out and submitted your Pre-Survey. Gardens in their second cycle after completing a harvest should have completed the Post Survey.

 IMG_0233 (800x600)


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