#TGHarvest Recap

5 Nov

Our #TGHarvest instagram contest is over. We’re sorry. We’re bummed about it, too. But fear not Teaching Gardeners! We’ve got a recap of all our favorite pics below.

Special thanks to everyone who participated. There’s nothing better than seeing kiddos growing goodness and harvesting healthiness.

Let us know which photo was your favorite in the comments below!

insta1 insta2 insta3 TGinsta1 TGinsta2 TGinsta3 TGinsta4 TGinsta5 TGinsta6 TGinsta7 Tginsta8 Tginsta9


One Response to “#TGHarvest Recap”

  1. Alice L. Jarvis November 6, 2013 at 2:46 pm #

    I loved the one with the children starting the garden with the dirt. It was a beginning and that is the start of all good things. I have a 5th grade class that wants to start a garden they have a great spot to plant and a teacher that is welling to help. I am the Clearwater Garden Club President. Alice L. Jarvis. please help us get started. Thanks Alice

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