Winter To-Do List

28 Jan

winter garden

We know you’re already working on all these, right? But just in case Mother Nature doesn’t feel like warming up anytime soon, you better  add these garden tasks to your to- do list.

Plan ahead

Cold, dark winter days are the ideal time to start planning your spring garden.  Choose the plants you would like to grown with your students and create a planting calendar to guide you through spring.

If You Build it…

Get the garden ready for spring. When the weather permits, winter is a great time to dive in to infrastructure projects for your Teaching Garden. Building or repairing planter boxes now leaves more time for growing later! So roll up your sleeves and tackle that bird bath or tool shed that you’ve been hoping to add.


A compost pile allows you to recycle food scraps and create fertile soil for the garden. Get started over the cool months to make sure you have plenty of healthy soil for your new seedlings.

Photos & Video

Be sure to use the flip camera provided with your Teaching Garden to take pictures and video of your students in action and submit them to

Jot it down

Keep the garden going during winter with the Teaching Garden Journal. Have students track the weather, make plans for spring or share a favorite recipe.

Survey Time!

We want to see your growth, but we need data measure it.

For schools new to the Teaching Gardens program, make sure that you have filled out and submitted your Pre-Survey. Gardens in their second cycle after completing a harvest should have completed the Post Survey.



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