Learn to Save a Child’s Life with new online CPR and First Aid Class

18 Apr


In schools, we have a plan for fires, severe weather, and other emergencies. They’re routine and practiced. But what if disaster strikes in a way we’re not ready for?  With more than 9.2 million children being treated by emergency departments for injuries, being able to respond quickly and effectively is an essential skill for anyone who cares for an infant or child.

We’re excited to announce that now everyone can be ready to save a life with the American Heart Association’s new online training on first aid and resuscitation.

Using real-life scenarios and interactive lessons, the self-paced, two-and-a-half-hour course teaches people to manage infants’ or children’s medical emergencies until professional help arrives. It covers critical skills for treating:

  • allergic reactions
  • asthma
  • bleeding and bandaging
  • cardiac or respiratory arrest
  • choking
  • diabetes and low blood sugar
  • drowning
  • dehydration
  • head, neck, and spine injuries
  • seizure
  • temperature-related issues


Elementary Teacher Saves 5 year old’s Life after Collapse at School

CPR in schools continues momentum


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