Dallas Teaching Garden Champion attends the White House Easter Egg Roll

24 Apr

Special congrats to our Teaching Garden champion at Moss Haven Elementary, Kim Aman, for being invited to attend the White House Easter Egg Roll. The garden ( or as Moss Haven likes to call it, the MHE Farm) is an oasis of healthy learning in the Dallas, TX area. Their hard work growing goodness and hatching healthiness paid off when the first lady invited them to the annual White House Easter celebration. Read about their adventure in this excerpt from their blog.

That’s right.., Farmer Aman was invited to the White House for this annual event that has been going on for 136 years. This year’s theme fit right into the movement that we have going on at our school, Hop Into Healthy – Swing Into Shape. The South Lawn became a playground for 30,000 guests and we were lucky enough to be a part of it all!

Movement, fitness, nutrition and children’s health and wellness was the theme. Our school farm and wellness program at Moss Haven align with this incredible National movement and fortunately, we are creating a program that teaches kids about making better choices and thinking about their healthiness. If you teach this to young ones, you can create change.

We have learned that farming builds community and helps to create a network of support. Using that network, we were able to meet Sam Kass, the White House chef. We were also able to share with him what we are doing to help grow healthy kids at our school.

We’re so proud of the Moss Haven gardeners for their tremendous success! Read the full story on their blog.


Watch CBS 11’s news coverage of Moss Haven’s Elementary White House invite.

Virtual tour of the Moss Haven Farm


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